The eTITLE Story

From our founder, Linda Orlans:

“In 1997, over a family dinner, my brother expressed frustration with buying a $2000 property for cash and having to wait 30 days to close the deal. To attend the closing, he had to take time from work to travel across town to meet the title agent, wait more than an hour to sign the documents and pay a fee that included hidden charges.

He asked me, “Can you apply what you’ve learned about building a service business to buying a home?”

My answer? “Yes, I’m sure we can.”

That conversation inspired eTitle’s beginnings in Detroit. Since its inception, eTITLE has handled billions of dollars in property transactions and has grown into one of the country’s largest independent title agencies.

We built eTitle to offer the services people like Linda’s brother and families everywhere wanted:

• Same-day closings.
• Title agents that came to us.
• No extra fees for services we didn’t want or need.  

Linda’s daughter, Alison, is now at the helm of eTitle continuing her mother’s passion for helping others and making a difference in the real estate industry.

Our founder set out to create a company that helped people buy properties more efficiently with as little stress as possible. And with your help, that is what we do every day.

Photo of Linda and Alison Orlans standing next to each other in the office.
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We have learned a lot during this journey.

Here are a few lessons we’ve picked up along the way that make eTitle stand out.

After the parties spend time and effort to reach agreement, work out the details and agree to a timeline for a transaction, why does the title company often cause delays? We have worked to remove those obstacles that delay closings. We can close remotely using electronic signatures and online notaries. We have title attorneys that understand risk and can make file level decisions quickly. We adapt our closing process and personnel to fit the transaction needs and timeline.

It took years, but we hired the best people in the industry and created a network of local experts in every town, city, and berg where we worked. Today our team of more than 70 highly trained title abstractors and examiners is proud to offer a 100% quality guarantee on every search product.

We developed processes and used technology to deliver information to the experts preparing for the closing.

We price our title services according to the transaction and the worked involved. We eliminated surprises at the closing table, by providing our fees in advance.

We serve at the food bank and deliver necessary coats to needy children. Everyone at eTitle contributes. We call our commitment to our community the Good Deeds Project. We have donated more than 1 Million dollars and thousands of hours of service to organizations in our community to be a force for Good. We are committed to our community and are proud of the impact we make.

Our real estate partners wanted to get deals to the closing table sooner, and solve problems without fanfare, and work with someone who cared about their customers as much as they did.

The eTITLE Team

Portrait photo of Alison Orlans

Alison Orlans

President and CEO

Brian Henry

Brian Henry

Senior Executive Counsel

Bryan Melvin

Bryan Melvin

Commercial Services Counsel

Photo of Don Rump

Don Rump

Corporate Counsel

Timothy Rhyne

Timothy Rhyne

Commercial Services Counsel

Lori Phelps

Lori Phelps


Photo of Nichole Perkins

Nichole Perkins

Closing Team Manager

Tracy Duron

Tracy Duron

Post Closing Manager

Photo of Matthew Evangelista, Esq

Matthew Evangelista, Esq.

Senior Manager of Title Production

Photo of Denny Lamb

Denny Lamb

Client Success Specialist

Portrait photo of Pam Weiss

Pamela Weiss


Image placeholder

Milika Jones

Post-Closing Specialist (photo coming soon)

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History of eTITLE

eTITLE began with property transfers in Detroit, MI, and since has become an industry leader and is currently licensed in 18 states.

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eTITLE Agency launches and becomes one of the first paperless title agencies, handling over 50,000 online title transactions.

  • eTitle headquarters relocates to a new 60,000 sq. ft. facility in Troy, MI.
  • 2007 - Alison Orlans became president of eTitle.
  • Linda Orlans received Declaration of Special Tribute from Michigan Governor recognizing her as an exemplary business woman and revolutionizing the title industry.
  • Formed Commercial Services Division
  • Alison Orlans is elevated to President/CEO.
  • eTITLE implements ALTA Best Practices.
  • eTITLE receives the Fidelity Circle of Excellence Award – first of 3 consecutive years.
  • eTITLE receives the eRecording All Stars Green Award Given by CSC

eTitle expands its footprint by adding six states in the Midwest. 


eTITLE is certified as a Remote Notary provider. 

Best and Brightest in Wellness 2022 Elite Winner award
  • 2017 is the first of 7 years of awards recognizing eTitle as Michigan's Best and Brightest in Wellness and one of 14 Elite companies in Michigan. 
  • eTitle is also recognized as the top Elite winner in the leadership category in 2022. 
ALTA Best-Practices-Certified emblem
  • eTitle awarded Best Practice Certified in addition to earning other underwriter awards.
  • eTITLE's first Remote Online Closing. 

eTITLE expands into Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida and Pennsylvania. 


eTITLE is proud to be recognized as a Top Ten Agent for Outstanding Service by Westcor Land Title Insurance Company.  

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eTITLE continues its commitment to provide expertise, high-tech solutions and 5-star personalized service to our clients.

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The eTITLE client care team looks forward to hearing from you. We respond promptly to inquiries and welcome the opportunity to provide you with the 5-star service we are known for in our industry.