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Our simple promise to you is that we provide an easy, secure and convenient way to close with our three-step digital closing. eTitle has eliminated the hassle, paperwork and endless email threads, reducing closing time by more than an hour with our digital closing platform. Our digital closing experience saves you time and money by allowing you to upload, review and sign documents when it fits your schedule, so you can close on your timeline. With our digital closing platform, you can facilitate multiples deals seamlessly and at your fingertips. There is no software to download and our central and secure digital environment provides you with 24/7 access to all your closing documents.

Let us transform your next real estate closing experience so you can focus on what matters most to you!

The Simple 3 Step Process to Accelerate Your Closing is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step One

Select Online Closing for Your Transaction

At any point during the real estate transaction, you can notify your eTitle Closer, that you wish to save time and money by closing online.

Step Two

Upload, Review and Sign Documents Electronically

Our state of the art platform allows you access to your closing documents anywhere, anytime and the secure online closing provides a solid audit trail for all transaction documents.

Step Three

Meet Your Closer for Notarization

The online closing program allows you to finalize the transaction in as little as 15 minutes. Your eTitle Closer will meet you for final notarization wherever and whenever is most convenient for you.

Compliance and Regulatory Certifications

Providing our clients with the highest level of security and trust is our number one priority. Here at eTitle, we stay ahead of changing laws and regulations to continuously meet all compliance standards. We are 100% ALTA Best Practice Certified and meet all compliance mandates set forth by TRID, CFPB and Dodd Frank. Our precision provides originators and servicers a customizable closing model, assuring compliance with the latest industry requirements.

Wire Transfer Security

eTitle is committed to ensuring that your real estate wire transaction is safe and secure. To learn how you can protect your money from wire fraud schemes, watch this two-minute video. At eTitle, security and compliance are our top priority. To complete a wire transfer, please contact your eTitle Closing Agent at 248.502.3100.

Wire Instructions

Due to the increase in email hacking and wire fraud to misdirect funds for real estate transactions, eTitle will never email you with our wire instructions. Instead, you will be directed here to our secure site with a specific bank number. To ensure that your funds are applied correctly, please make sure to only use the specific bank number below that you have received from our staff. We take your financial security seriously and thank you for understanding by taking these additional steps.

Select Bank 1 for all Residential Retail Transactions in MI and states not specified below.
Select Bank 2 for all Commercial and REO Transactions in MI and states not specified below.
Select Bank 3 for properties in FL
Select Bank 4 for properties in OH
Select Bank 5 for properties in VA
Select Bank 6 for properties in DC and MD
Select Bank 7 for properties in DE
For all other states for Residential Retail Transactions please select Bank 1 For all other states for Commercial or REO Transactions

Please select your bank
Bank 1

Comerica Bank
Detroit, MI 48226

Please reference name and property address

Account Name 
eTitle Agency, Inc.

Account Number 

ABA Routing Number 

Swift Code:

Print Bank Notes

Please add “Apply to: (Subject Property Address for reference)” to all wires.


Wire fraud and email hacking/phishing attacks are on the increase. If you have an escrow EMD or closing transaction with us and you receive an email containing wire instructions; DO NOT RESPOND TO THE EMAIL. Instead, immediately call your escrow officer/closer using previously known contact information and NOT information provided in the email to verify the wiring information prior to sending funds.

Due to increased fraud, buyers, sellers, and lenders should call to confirm all wiring instructions using contact information found from an independent source, such as the internet. You may verify by phone directly with our office, at 248-502-3127, or for VA, MD, DE, DC call 703-777-4261, before transferring funds. eTitle Agency, Inc. is not responsible for any wires sent to an incorrect bank account.

THESE WIRING INSTRUCTIONS ARE ABSOLUTE.  If you receive any other communication which purports to change these instructions, please CALL eTitle immediately to report the change. Do not proceed unless you receive further written and telephone authorization for the change. Contact the eTitle Funding/Disbursement at 248-502-3127 or 703-777-4261.

To learn more about wire transfer security and the closing process, please click here.

For Sale By Owner Instructions

eTitle is the partner of choice to help you sell your home successfully and rapidly. We are pleased to help you obtain the marketable title and legal documents as well as the title services, deposit and closing for your home sale.

To learn more please contact our Client Care Team at 248.502.3100 or at

Click Here to download eTitle’s instructions for your FSBO transaction.

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We are here to provide the level of service you expect and our team will be with you step by step to simplify the real estate process.

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