Who We Are

Women-Owned &
Leading Edge Services

eTitle Agency, Inc. is an innovative agency leading the way in title and settlement for more than 20 years.

Our award-winning team of real estate experts has made us one of the largest independent title agencies underwritten by four of the largest underwriters. We leverage our capabilities and expertise to cater to unique requirements and make deals happen for our clients.

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eTITLE offers the advantages and services of a large title agency combined with the highly personalized service you’d expect from a small agency.

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Why Work
with eTITLE?

We champion your success in real estate transactions. 

You can trust eTITLE to provide the expertise and technology you need to complete any real estate project from start to finish efficiently.

 eTITLE has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any other title agency, according to customer surveys.

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 eTITLE has one of the highest quality and accuracy ratings in the industry, according to underwriter data.

eTITLE Specialties

Residential Services

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eTITLE’s virtual, secure, 3-step closing process allows you to verify identities and upload and sign documents online.

Commercial Real Estate Services

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eTITLE provides a full spectrum of services, and client care for all types of commercial real estate transactions.

Tax Title, Vacant & Blighted Properties

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The eTITLE team goes above and beyond to ensure best outcomes for homeowners and communities.

Cannabis Properties

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eTITLE handles cannabis real estate transactions. 

Continuing Education

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eTITLE’s team provides continuing education for brokers and government agencies.

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The eTITLE client care team looks forward to hearing from you. We respond promptly to inquiries and welcome the opportunity to provide you with the 5-star service we are known for in our industry.