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For over 20 years, eTitle has developed partnerships with the nation’s largest financial services firms and regional and local banks. eTitle provides products and services related to commercial and residential real estate transactions for individuals, corporations, federal, state, and local government agencies.

Residential Real Estate

For more than twenty years, eTITLE has closed residential transactions assisting every level of sophistication, from first time buyers to savvy investors. We can eliminate the paperwork and long email threads by choosing a customized remote online closing. eTITLE’s simple 3-step accelerated process allows us to help you close remotely while retaining a reliable audit trail and access to your closing documents from anywhere at any time.

eTITLE uses all the tools and understands the best practices regarding the remote notarization of signatures for closings. eTITLE represents the title industry as a member of the Michigan Electronic Recording Commission (MERC). MERC establishes the guidelines for the electronic recording of instruments, including online notarization.


eTITLE's Remote Online Closing Process:

Easy as 1-2-3

Step 1:
Opt for Remote Online Closing

Notify the eTitle closer that you'd like to use eTitle's efficient online platform to close your transaction virtually.

Step 2:
Upload, Review and Sign Documents Electronically

Use eTitle's online platform to access and track your closing documents from any device and location.

Step 3:
Meet your closer Online

Your eTitle Closer will meet you online at any time that is convenient for you. Your closing transaction can be notarized and finalized in as little as 15 minutes.

eTITLE's Full Services

Commercial Real Estate

The eTITLE Commercial team delivers unmatched results for commercial clients by insuring deals and eliminating exceptions that others won’t. By working with four different underwriters, we can match the deal to the risk and create options for closing quickly.

Our eTitle team can help you achieve your revenue goals in your community, working with you to implement a project, disburse funds, and obtain data quickly and accurately:

Government - Tax Title, Vacant, Blighted & Land Bank Properties

Our teams have experience in collaborating with Government agencies to eliminate blight and restore properties to productive use, including nuisance abatement and quiet title litigation support.
eTITLE performs high-volume title searches to support county treasurer timely tax foreclosure, and are the partner of choice for land bank authorities and treasurers’ offices nationwide. Through our partnership with numerous municipalities, eTitle has researched and insured thousands of properties. 


eTITLE speaks and understands the language of the default industry and understands the GSE requirements for timely and accurate funding. Few title providers can match eTitle’s twenty year history of perseverance and performance in the REO space.

Cannabis Properties

Since 2018, the eTitle team has been closing and insuring cannabis property transactions start to finish.

Types of Policies

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The eTITLE client care team looks forward to hearing from you. We respond promptly to inquiries and welcome the opportunity to provide you with the 5-star service we are known for in our industry.